Quote of the Week

"I assure you that if you have to wait even until the next life to be blessed with a choice companion, God will surely compensate you."
President Ezra T. Benson, To the Single Adult Sisters of the Church, 1988.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Difficult Day for Singles

     Is Father's Day as hard for single, never-married men as Mother's Day is for single never-married women? Unrequited love is just one of life's catastrophes but it leaves far too many good women isolated and trapped in their own bitter disappointment. While the rest of the world celebrates the ultra-feminine fairytale of virgin girls who married a good husband, father and provider, had a busload of squeaky clean kids who adored her and they all lived happily ever after; the earth shattering reality is that this picture has become very rare indeed. The fact is all women-young and old-live with a ticking time bomb of a maternal clock while men are free to prance around as the playboys of the western world. Society has gradually turned a blind eye to these changing lifestyles. As a result America is rapidly turning into a nation of unhappily blended and divorced families. Mother's Day will never be the same.
     I'll come right out and say it, I'm sick and tired of the LGBT groups hogging the spotlight of marriage and parenthood rights while those of us who remain true to our V-cards are labeled second-class citizens. Let the gauntlet be thrown down in the battle for who yearns the most to become a spouse and parent to precious children conceived in wedlock legal and binding. LGBT groups better want it bad cause the ever shrinking moral majority of America still exists and we're gonna put up a fight. Hang in there my fellow single sisters, the moral right WILL prevail! One day we WILL have the opportunity to become wives and mothers to busloads of our own and we too will live happily ever after. We can sympathize with LGBT groups but the fact remains sex outside of marriage is never acceptable, has proved a threat to society and must not be condoned. We will all have the oppportunity to fill the measure of our creation. Don't ask me how that's going to work-I just write what my heart tells me and leave the rest up to God.
     So, with that out of the way, I'm glad we have this day to honor the unrecognized and unsung heroes in the lives of good people-your mother. She's the one person Jesus himself called "Woman" for a person's mother should always be the "Ultimate Woman" revered and honored above all other women. This is especially true if you're a young single man. When you're a single unmarried woman, I say Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to give yourself a day off-so I skipped church today.
     As I've gotten older and moved into my own solitary apartment, Mother's Day has only grown harder. I have fond memories of my own mother sewing clothes and making dolls, reading me stories, teaching me how to make my first batch of brownies while struggling to get along with a man she didn't love. Then I grew up and committed the unforgivable sin of not getting asked out on lots of dates, marrying and providing my divorced and remarried mother with grandchildren. I'm independant, a non-yuppie who never had a career and I refuse to "settle" for anyone just so I can have a man in my life. That's what I told my dear old mother and our relationship has been rocky ever since.
     So, for everyone out there who does enjoy a nurturing and special relationship with your own wise and supportive mother while living the yuppie life-I'm happy for you. Go call her and if she has any good advice on how to deal with the lonely, hard-knock life swimming in the ever shrinking dating pool of potential husbands, please-share!