Quote of the Week

"I assure you that if you have to wait even until the next life to be blessed with a choice companion, God will surely compensate you."
President Ezra T. Benson, To the Single Adult Sisters of the Church, 1988.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What Child is This?

How easy it is at this time of year to view every precious child, especially little babies and toddlers, as the Christ Child we celebrate. When I kiss my favorite nephews and cuddle the youngest on my lap, I have a better understanding of why Jesus found children so easy to love. For me, all is right with the world whenever I have that opportunity. I'll turn forty next year and must begin to accept the fact that scenes like the one I just described are the only opportunities I will ever have to experience motherhood. Never mind the role of companion or helpmeet to a man who is good, kind and crazy about me. In light of recent events I'm afraid temple marriage is a fairy tale, something I can only anticipate in another life.


Against my better nature, I should keep silent in quiet dignity while the world, which now includes Utah, celebrates the freedom of lasciviousness but I'm sorry, I cannot. I cannot stand on the sidelines and applaud the gay pride parade, marching themselves to the alter, flaunting their coveted marriage licenses in my face like so many straight people. I must raise the question: How many of these couples are doing this for the sake of their children or future children? I'd like to believe my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters love and cherish children as much as I do and yearn as much as I do for the opportunity to create life as...fathers and mothers? Grandmas and Grandpas? Is that really what's foremost on their minds as they take their vows and kiss each other in a committed partnership that's most likely already been consummated? If I'm wrong, I'm begging you, please, prove me wrong and I'll change my mind. If not I'll continue to stand by my beliefs regarding the purity of a virginal marriage that may or may not produce children.

I'm not calling for a "stay" to stop this judicial proceeding. Governor Gary Herbert can work for a judicial resolution but the genie is out of the bottle. We all knew this was going to happen sooner or later. The other shoe has dropped here in Utah. There's nothing we can do now except hope and pray these celebrations will lead to a realization that these marriages are simply not the same as heterosexual. And for Mormons, certainly not for time and all eternity. Heterosexual dating and courtship leading to marriage is more important now than ever before. We must be strong, fellow singles. We must continue to encourage good parents like my sister and brother-in-law to keep up the good work in raising our nephews (and nieces too!) with the understanding of what is expected of them as they grow up and take their place in society as hard working husbands and fathers who will provide their wives and children, especially any daughters who might be born, with the support they will need to stay strong against so much wickedness as Satan continues his new war on the very creation of families. That's right, folks, no longer is Satan "waging a war on the family" as many of us grew up hearing. As a Generation Xer, child of the 80's divorce culture, I can testify we've already lost the war on that one and must turn our attention now on how to prevent cohabitation and out of wedlock birth from getting any worse. Mary and Joseph certainly set the proper example for us in these similar circumstances, didn't they?

How I yearn to be a part of that fight in raising up righteous posterity but perhaps my service as a doting aunt and my humble "keyboard warrior" skills will suffice. So, on that note, back to the most wonderful time of the year when we can reflect on the fact that with small things, like the simple, miraculous birth of a child, great things are brought to pass.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year